About School

We, at Late Balasaheb Darure International School, endeavor to nurture a learning environment which supports and sustains a student’s belief in his own abilities and helps him to pursue excellence in all fields. We strive to achieve the satisfaction of students and parents through continual improvement of the student’s academic, physical, emotional, moral and aesthetic development. We aim to inculcate a rational outlook in our students so that they shape into good global citizens of India.

Focus on the Students

The curriculum of Late Balasaheb Darure International School focuses on the students, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies designed to engage them actively. We believe that every child is a gift of God, born into this world with his or her own unique strengths and human frailties.
At Late Balasaheb Darure International School,The child benefits from a learning environment that promotes the continuous development of their social, cognitive, emotional, physical and creative strengths.

Our Philosophy

Every child is unique and has a different learning curve. We customize our curriculum to fit their individual needs.

The first five years of a child’s life lay the foundation for the years ahead. The human brain is at its most malleable then, and skills learned and developed in these years enable further learning. At the same time, areas of the brain not stimulated in this period can lose the ability to make new connections.