Children are provided with the kind of experiences which help them attain optimum development not only in their creative expression through play, but in self – control, self discipline and co-operation with others.Our aim is to identify and outline a strategy for creating an e-learning culture within a school system ready to step away from traditional teaching.


School is like a second home for students and we take their security very very seriously. Some key aspects of security at all  School campuses are mentioned below:

  • All our buses are fitted with CCTV cameras and GPS for easy tracking.
  • Your ward’s commute when he/she boards the school bus is in safe hands and is constantly being monitored through CCTV cameras.
Students getting on school bus


The school has a strong sports program and has been created by keeping in mind all children and not just the naturally gifted sportspeople.The important aspect of the sports program is:

  • Just like the academic program in a school is designed keeping in mind all students similarly the sports program at School is also designed to ensure that it benefits all the children.

Overall Child Development

Young minds of today are the citizens of tomorrow who will drive the nation forward. It is our responsibility to groom our students to become fine individuals and good citizens of the country. All our activities are designed to ensure that our children are curious, aware of their personal strengths and are aware of the happenings in the world around them.

  • We encourage students’ overall development integrating activities keeping in mind their personal likings.